Grief and Wellness Coaching

I am offering my Grief and Wellness Coaching to people who suffered the tragic loss of loved ones.

During the pandemic of Covid-19, many people have encountered losses whether it is here in their immediate environment or in their homeland. Covid-19 have made grieving extremely hard as people couldn’t travel to be with their families which has resulted in complicated grief.

My goal is to coach those experiencing grief as I am a bereaved mother myself. I have walked in the grieving parents shoes. I’ve been through the process of grieving and I will walk and support the grieving families in their grieving journey.

My coaching will be based on a variety of sessions amongst others. Here is a glimpse of the sessions:

Session 1: Introduction and Grief definition
Session 2: Grief: Meaning, Impact and Stages
Session 3: The grieving process
Session 4: The grief symptoms…What’s yours?
Session 5: Your new You (Grief will change You)
Session 6: Redefine your life
Session 7: Seek support
Session 8: Take care of yourself
Session 9: Myths and Facts
Session 10: Complicated grief and depression

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