Social Justice and Youth Activism Coaching

I am an activist and I am passionate about Black History. I made it a mission of mine to educate people young and old about social justice, discrimination and racism.

Hence it’s a must for me to educate Black Youth about the contribution of Black people in the world. I am passionate about celebrating Black culture, Black Inventions and Black Heroes.

I have organized a Black History Month Celebration for the past 6 years at Ecole St Paul in Fort McMurray, encouraged and prepared children to participate in the Lincoln Alexander Essay Contest and participated in the Black Lives Matter March in both Edmonton and Fort McMurray.
I’ve also coordinated the Black History Month 2021 with the organization Black Canadian Women (BCW) in Action.

From my experience I concluded that learning about ones ancestors contributions and positive impact in the society increases self esteem and reinforce healthy self image which has a ripple effect on your mental health and overall well-being.

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